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Synergizing the old and the new - Dr Chinmay Mehta



Prof. Chinmay ‘s views on his preference for the revival of the indigenous folk and tribal art “For more than four decades, I have relentlessly been engaged in the revival of indigenous traditions of our Folk and Tribal art, as a researcher, Painter, Muralist and Designer of half a dozen phenomenal ethnic resorts like Chokhi Dhani. My multi medium art works both figurative stylized and abstractions do reflect inspiration from the indigenous tradition. I have always believed that for the creation of abstract expressions there is no need of seeking inspiration from the western post Cubism trends. This idea of cultural tourism through Dhani architecture has indeed patronized a large number of folk painters, craftsmen and musicians from the realm of the indigenous so innovatively contemporising many of our languishing traditions of the past. Recently with the mission of the revival of the tribal art of Ranathambhaur ,I am creating a transformational series of neo-abstraction art works which are supposed to showcased at national and international levels. Some these art works are selected in this site and I invite many of my like-minded friends to join me in this movement for the vibrant revival of indigenous Art through creative transformation.

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A legend and artist becoming the beacon of shining light for his art
and beyond, that is Prof. Mehta .

Introduction of Dr. Chinmay Mehta

Chinmay – meaning “the one possessed of blissful consciousness and intelligence,” – combines in himself the liberating Vidya (education) and humbling Kala (arts). He is a painter, sculptor, designer, architect and academician all rolled into one. As an artist, he is extraordinarily versatile, cherishing the facility to work in diverse media, sizes, and techniques over without conforming to a single medium, genre, size, technique, or manner of visualization.

As ‘a painter of peasant life’ Dr Mehta has painted many village activities, in oil, tempera and batik. The strong, circular lines that make up the faces and the landscape have only enhanced his fondness for the village life and the muted colors are well in sync with the harsh experience of workmen and laborers, with whom he identified. Dr Mehta has also given new dimensions to the human figure by making them appear more as characters from various myths and traditional narratives, the painting ‘Returning From the Fair’ was published by Hindustan Times as a Diwali card as well

Large Size Murals

Dr Chinmay Mehta is noted internationally for his innovative contribution to preserving and celebrating the rich heritage of Rajasthan.

Recent Neo Abstract Inspirational Series

Dr Mehta has always been very close to his own culture, and so he looked to the living folk and tribal art for inspiration. From this focus, his work developed to meet three principle goals:

  • To capture the essence of simplicity embodied in the life of folk people
  • To make art accessible to a wider diversity of people; and
  • To give Indian art its own identity.


3D Environmental Art

Signifying Inspirational transformation of the indigenous: 3 D Environmental art : Resort designer :

Chinmay Mehta’s Design contribution :  by Gurmeet ( a student of architecture who had written his case study for his B.Arch This narration has to be used in addition to text in left

Variety of Structures of Ethnic Resorts Designed By The Painter Turned Designer Chinmay Mehta

The Chokhi Dhani chain of ethnic leisure spaces, spread across the country in Jaipur, Hyderabad, Indore, and Jodhpur, is a unique expression of celebration of the rural life of the country. Today it is a ‘must-visit’ on the agenda of every tourist. While it allows the local tourist and NRI to reminisce about “the long lost idyllic village,” it offers the international tourist a peek into rural architecture and hospitality.

Multi Medium Two Dimensional Creations with Exploratory Rendering of Contemporary Idioms

Multi -medium

2 D-A Creations-  Exploratory rendering with    contemporary idioms and nuances

So far we have narrated the major and most significant part of chinmay ‘s creative contribution both as  painter,muralist and designer which is based on his inspirational transformation of indigenous traditions of the region. Being a relentless exploratory creator he did simultaneously love painting in the contemporary idioms nuanced also. 


As T S Eliot wrote, “it is not the “greatness,” the intensity, of the emotions, the components, but the intensity of the artistic process, the pressure, so to speak, under which the fusion takes place that counts.”

Multi Medium Two Dimensional Creations

Painter Muralist Designer


Former Professor and Dean,
Faculty of Fine Arts University of
Rajasthan, Jaipur
Former Chairman,
Rajasthan Academy of Fine Arts, Jaipur
Aayam Institute of Art & Culture, Jaipur


He has been honored with the privilege of
associating himself with the UGC’s
‘epathashala’ an on line learning project of
offering 70 online video lectures on
History of Western art:
Module name is P-03 : History of western
art from prehistoric to Gothic Period: (35
Module name P-04 : History of Western
from Renaissance to Impressionism:(35

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