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Large Size Murals

Dr Chinmay Mehta is noted internationally for his innovative contribution to preserving and celebrating the rich heritage of Rajasthan. For more than five decades, his work in paintings, murals, academics, design, and architecture has brought contemporary relevance to indigenous forms and artisans. Dr Mehta has created many murals, both abstract and figurative, in materials as Papier Mache, Ceramics and Metal. His murals are contemporary versions of rural indigenous forms of artistic expressions that characterize his search for an indigenous cultural sensitivity in art practice.

“A mural has to blend in and yet stand out. It has to attract a passerby in a few seconds. It is art that touches the `real’ people, it touches the lives of many people.”

His murals are an outcome of an organic rebirth resulting from a meaningful intercourse between traditional iconography and themes that express the modern world.

He belongs to that generation of artists who reinvented traditions by juxtaposing abstraction in contemporary art with popular culture, and folk art with urban trends His work in paintings, murals, and design, has brought contemporary relevance to indigenous forms and artisans  by utilizing native materials and heritage artistic traditions in his own work, he has successfully been able to unite arts, architecture, and popular culture.

Chinmay’s murals also depict a certain resonance from modern arts, while borrowing from shared culture and language, experience and iconography.. Through his use of diverse mediums and historical influences, has broken out of the narrow limits of high art and created his unique style. He therefore constructs in a fluid style, one that borrows itself from ancient, medieval and modern Indian symbols.  The style is post-modern, in the sense that it is visually aware of the medium it is borrowing from.

 This stems from a desire to depict that he is knows what his influences are, even after working from within his own visual world. Dr Mehta has always been very close to his own culture, and so he looked to the living folk and tribal art for inspiration. From this focus, his work developed to meet three principle goals:

  • To capture the essence of simplicity embodied in the life of folk people
  • To make art accessible to a wider diversity of people; and
  • To give Indian art its own identity.

His murals are the renderings from tribal motifs, through ritualistic totems, pictorial forms through relief and filling inspired by “ Sanjha” of the village walls and  rhythmic lines of Mandanas , modern in approach, village symphony, inspired by village abstraction, musical rhythms.

Raymond showroom, Jaipur, 1992

Form through relief and filling inspired by sanjha. rhythmic lines, modern in approach, village symphony, inspired by village abstraction, musical – papier mache

Nataraj restaurant mural, Jaipur

Celebration, the dichotomy of structure in perfect confgration without using symmetrical form, balance in asymmetry- – papier mache

Maze mural

Fishes, women village, ping pong, music,

Tree of life

Churing of the ocean, amrita

Ganpati Plza

Eulogizing the god, embossed metal,

Masala zone, London-Handpainted mural in traditional colors, royal entourage with onlookers, no frills and jazzing up, empahsiss on character how does wealth create leisure for a rich man? Shekhawati, researched stories, imaginative recreation of the murals in there, connecting to the angrezi population.

The Coffee Table Book


Dr. Chinmay Mehta – An icon in the world of Art

An artist, designer, academician, all rolled into one!

His work is a visual treat – whether the famous Chokhi Dhani or his numerous murals or paintings, the list is endless. An avid painter, art creator and designer, this ambassador of culture is never limited by anything. Give him any medium and his creative mind and magical hands will turn it into a piece of art!

A great teacher and mentor as his numerous students can vouch for, Dr. Mehta has guided more than a dozen Ph.D. students.

A thousand words cannot introduce Dr. Chinmay Mehta as this book can! His impressive credentials don’t do him justice as his work does.

Dr. Chinmay Mehta


Aayam Institute of Art and Culture

Former Professor and Dean

Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Former Chairman

Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademy, Jaipur


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The Coffee Table Book


Urja Bhawan

Theme based papier mâché relief mural

That shapes and swirls could speak so eloquently with a single color…!

  • Source of life and source of abundant energy

 A pure artistic version of “urja” – nature’s energy in abundance! Media was never a barrier for the artist in Dr. Mehta – an artist par excellence.


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The Coffee Table Book


Twin Murals on Glass

Harmony in nature is beautifully represented in this twin murals on glass – very apt for the ICED

Lovely usage of all the colors in great harmony – simply a treat for the eyes!