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Multi Medium 2d creation
Multi Medium Two Dimensional Creations with Exploratory Rendering of Contemporary Idioms and Nuances

Multi -medium

2 D-A Creations-  Exploratory rendering with    contemporary idioms and nuances

So far we have narrated the major and most significant part of chinmay ‘s creative contribution both as  painter,muralist and designer which is based on his inspirational transformation of indigenous traditions of the region. Being a relentless exploratory creator he did simultaneously love painting in the contemporary idioms nuanced also. As a professor of visual arts he used to teach philosophy of  modern art. With this he could understand the evolutionary processes of the  significant form which is essence modern configuration.

He relentlessly searched for his contemporary idiom of expression.. He has been restlessly exercising variety of mediums and techniques in his artworks starting from drawings, tempera he made experimented in wide variety with oils sprayed textures and printmaking both as exponent of figurative and non representational styles. violent repression

Instincts and passion, 10 painitngs, oil, ashoka art gallery, through line drawing on fire and caves seizing human instincts, intnse, 

As T S Eliot wrote, “it is not the “greatness,” the intensity, of the emotions, the components, but the intensity of the artistic process, the pressure, so to speak, under which the fusion takes place that counts.”

Multi Medium Two Dimensional Creations

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